Aasani Telecom Business Phone Systems Las Vegas

VoIP phone systems have proved themselves to be the future of communications technology for business and when it comes to your Las Vegas based business no one is better at delivering the best solution than Aasani Telecom.

They are versatile- meaning they can be applied in any size or scale of operation- most importantly are the fact these systems are feataure rich allowing your organization to have the newest features allowing even small companies to have the enterprise features they very much so need.

Our clients range from organizations with 2 phones up to to 2000 handsets. If your Las Vegas based business is not making the most of this revolution in VoIP business phone systems, then you are missing out on a significant opportunity to optimize your  telecommunications feature set, cost, and overall optimal business productivity.


We are one of the premier suppliers and installers of VoIP business phone systems in the Las Vegas, and surrounding cities. We do whatever it takes to provide you with a top quality system that meets all your business requirements, allowing you to focus on your core day to day business activities.

We will also provide maintenance and repair services at no additional cost so those days of paying $125 per hour for simple changes are long gone,  and rest well knowing you can always rely on us for your business telecom needs. So get in touch, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have and talk you through how we can help revolutionize your business.

Why Do So Many Las Vegas, NV Businesses Choose Aasani?

  • Innovative per line/call path pricing NOT per user
  • Works with every SIP compatible phone.
  • Plug and play configuration, take your phone anywhere and let it just work.