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Is your organization seeking to capitalize on the cost-saving and flexible features offered by a VoIP phone system? Are you in need of a comprehensive Hosted VoIP Phone system solution incorporating SIP trunking capabilities? Look no further. At Aasani Telecom, we present our SmartSIP trunking solution, seamlessly integrated with your onsite VoIP phone system or cloud-based VOIP phone system.

Our tailored offerings cater to businesses aiming to optimize their VoIP phone system not only for internal communication but also for PSTN access through a trusted VoIP phone system service provider. Aasani Telecom stands ready to address your specific requirements. Reach out today to explore our White Label VoIP solution or experience our acclaimed business phone service, recognized for its excellence in the industry. With our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Aasani Telecom emerges as your preferred provider for advanced telecommunication solutions.


Pioneering the realm of cloud communications, Aasani has been an early advocate of revolutionary VoIP Business Phone System. Recognizing the transformative potential of cloud technology, Aasani Telecom embarked on a journey to redefine business telephony. The result is a virtual, or cloud-based, VoIP phone system that seamlessly encapsulates all the functionalities of a traditional PBX— encompassing voice, fax, voicemail, extensions, conferencing, paging, intercom calling, and more—while eliminating the constraints and expenses associated with hardware-dependent systems. The introduction of the SmartSIP Hosted innovation further propels virtual PBX into a realm of superiority over legacy systems, boasting advanced features like comprehensive mobile integration, Business SMS, and online meetings featuring HD video and screen sharing. These enhancements empower businesses to thrive in the evolving landscape of modern work.

Hosted VOIP Phone System

VOIP, an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, emerged as a groundbreaking solution to replace costly long-distance telephone calls. Initially confined to computer usage, VOIP Phone system calling quickly gained traction among businesses as a revolutionary technology. This entailed equipping both computers with essential components such as a microphone, speaker, and specialized software. While early VOIP Phone System boasted ease of installation and use, they grappled with reliability issues due to underdeveloped network infrastructure, leading to frequent call ‘dropouts.’ Addressing these challenges, Aasani Telecom’s VoIP Phone Systems have successfully overcome the limitations experienced in earlier attempts to deliver SIP trunks, ensuring a more robust and dependable communication solution.

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A White-Lable UCaaS Solution for Complete Business Scalability

Aasani Telecom offers businesses a unique advantage through our turnkey private label solution, providing access to a state-of-the-art White Label Communication infrastructure. This empowers your organization with exceptional communication capabilities, ensuring a seamless and top-tier experience. Our commitment to excellence positions your business at the forefront of telecommunications innovation, offering a customizable and robust communication platform tailored to meet your specific needs and surpass expectations. Gain a competitive edge and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape with Aasani Telecom.

Create a Potent, Recurring Revenue Stream using our Private Lable UCaaS

Opting for a Private Label Unified Communication provider like Aasani Telecom not only reduces your company’s risk but also ensures a forward-looking approach with years of industry expertise and ongoing investment. Our commitment empowers your team to consistently deliver services punctually and precisely, establishing Aasani Telecom as a trustworthy and dependable UCaaS provider you can rely on entirely.

Powerful Analytics to Help Your Organization Improve

Aligning your business with Aasani Telecom means standing out in a rapidly expanding market. Your clients will place trust in and value the private label services you offer, ensuring seamless support through their growth journey. The unified communication system you provide is backed by Aasani Telecom, eliminating concerns for your valued clients regarding service reliability and delivery. Moreover, your business stands to gain a remarkable 65%+ gross profit margin from a consistent and recurring revenue stream, making it a leader in the industry.

Your Business, Boxed and Ready

Discover the ultimate solution with our Turnkey Back Office Portal, designed to empower your business with unparalleled ease and simplicity in managing customer services. This innovative platform streamlines and enhances the efficiency of your operations, providing a comprehensive suite of tools and features. From customer service tracking to streamlined communication management, our Turnkey Back Office Portal ensures a seamless experience for your team. With user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, you can effortlessly navigate through various functions, gaining full control over customer service management. Embrace a new era of operational efficiency as you harness the power of our advanced Turnkey Back Office Portal, tailored to meet the diverse needs of your business.

Manage Your Clients' Services the Easy Way

Elevate your company’s self-sufficiency with Aasani Telecom’s partner portal, offering 100% access to our platform. This robust portal empowers your team to effortlessly manage client services, meeting the demands of self-sufficiency your business seeks.

Our commitment is to provide a dependable platform tailored for diverse customer and service tasks. It is fast, reliable, intuitive, and user-friendly. The back office portal is crafted to streamline onboarding, featuring rapid deployment and an advanced failover feature at the device level. Additionally, our potent CRM offers a plethora of valuable features, from the initial proposal to post-sale billing, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the customer lifecycle.

In essence, Aasani Telecom’s partner portal not only fosters the self-sufficiency required for business growth but also provides unlimited scalability and configurable options accessible with a simple click. Unlike the complexity often associated with private-label reseller services, our platform is designed for efficiency. It minimizes the learning curve, saving valuable time and resources, making deployment swift and stress-free for your team to operate at optimal efficiency.

  • Private, white-label branding seamlessly implemented from the network level to your company logo.
  • Utilize a swift and user-friendly sales quoting tool for efficient business transactions.
  • Experience hassle-free auto-provisioning of all your devices for seamless integration.
  • Benefit from a fully-automated billing system ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Instant generation of order numbers for prompt processing.
  • Access a comprehensive employee onboarding and training program to enhance team proficiency.
  • Seamlessly integrate all major credit cards for convenient financial transactions.
  • Take control of Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) within your organization for streamlined operations.
  • Enjoy full API integration for enhanced connectivity and data exchange.
  • Empower partners with complete control over providing administrative permissions to clients, enabling them to maintain and self-manage their services effortlessly.

Become an Aasani Telecom White Label Partner and start enjoying 65% profit margins

Why Choose Aasani Telecom?

Regardless of the specific phone system adopted by your customers, our cutting-edge features guarantee a wealth of valuable benefits. Our commitment to technological innovation ensures that our advanced functionalities seamlessly integrate with diverse phone systems, providing a versatile and enhanced user experience. Whether your customers utilize traditional PBX systems or modern cloud-based VoIP solutions, our comprehensive suite of features is designed to augment their communication capabilities, delivering efficiency, reliability, and an array of advantages tailored to meet their unique needs. With our commitment to versatility and adaptability, we ensure that businesses across various communication platforms can maximize the benefits offered by our advanced features.

A seamlessly integrated suite of enterprise communication tools encompasses voice, video, and messaging, offering a streamlined and user-friendly experience. Additionally, this comprehensive solution features a powerful collaboration component, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

Addressing challenges associated with Fax to Email, our solutions offer innovative and effective ways to streamline and enhance this communication process. By leveraging advanced technologies, we provide a reliable and efficient system that ensures seamless transmission of faxes to email platforms. Our tailored solutions are designed to overcome common hurdles such as compatibility issues, security concerns, and ease of use. Experience a hassle-free Fax to Email process with our dedicated solutions, allowing your business to optimize its communication workflows with confidence and convenience.

Device as a Service (DaaS) provides your organization with a comprehensive solution encompassing all the devices and handsets required for seamless operations. With DaaS, enjoy the convenience of a fully managed service that includes procurement, deployment, maintenance, and upgrades of devices and handsets. This all-encompassing approach ensures that your organization has the necessary tools and technology to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of DaaS, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while we take care of your device requirements.

Experience effortless telecom tax filings with TaaS. Our streamlined platform simplifies the intricate process of tax submissions, offering unparalleled ease and efficiency. TaaS leverages cutting-edge technology and industry insights to automate tax calculations, filings, and compliance, ensuring accuracy and saving your organization valuable time and resources. Embrace the simplicity and convenience of TaaS for a seamless and stress-free telecom tax filing experience.

Why Choose Aasani Telecom?

When you opt for White Label VoIP from Aasani Telecom, your customers place their business, livelihood, and future in your hands. We believe this trust deserves the lion’s share of the profits, and we make it a reality. Our solution empowers you to increase earnings while simultaneously providing superior service to your clients and an outstanding VoIP experience.

Keep Clients Long-Term

Business growth hinges on retaining existing customers and consistently acquiring new ones. This retention factor plays a pivotal role in the VoIP industry, and Aasani Telecomm contributes significantly with an impressive retention rate exceeding 90%. This exceptional rate, among the best in the industry, is a point of pride for us, benefiting both your loyal repeat customers and the influx of new customers to your business.

Talk About Reliability

Rely on Aasani Telecom to ensure your valued customers stay connected around the clock, 365 days a year. Our geo-redundant data centers, coupled with an advanced failover system, seamlessly transition to a standby database, server, or network in the face of emergencies, outages, or natural disasters. We provide these robust solutions to empower you in delivering uninterrupted accessibility to your customers.

We’re Always Here for You

Aasani Telecom recognizes that the effectiveness of a white-label VoIP provider is intricately tied to the quality of customer service. In line with this belief, we extend 24/7 support throughout the entire year. What sets us apart is that all our support services are based stateside, ensuring that you and your organization receive assistance from professionals who speak your language and fully comprehend your unique needs.

Top Reasons VoIP Resellers Choose Aasani Telecom

Hesitating to make a decision? Explore the compelling reasons why white label VoIP resellers, much like yourself, have opted for Aasani Telecom over the competition.

  • Robust and user-friendly Turnkey White Label VoIP Solution
  • Cutting-edge VoIP Technology for unparalleled performance
  • Effortless and limitless scalability options
  • Full ownership of your customer base, ensuring control and autonomy
  • Industry-leading profit margins for maximum returns
  • Intuitively designed, user-friendly Back Office
  • Centralized setup with top-down decision-making
  • Comprehensive online training, providing the best resources for skill development
  • Round-the-clock, 365 days a year customer support for continuous assistance
We Provide the Resources your Business Needs

As we encourage you to embrace our white label VoIP reseller services, you, in turn, will be persuading your clients once you become our esteemed partner. Aasani Telecom provides an array of resources that empower you to effectively convince potential clients to transition into paying customers

Blog Articles

Dive into our extensive blog library covering a spectrum of topics within the VoIP industry, spanning from security and web phone integration to Device as a Service (DaaS), developer APIs, and beyond.

White Papers

Access one of our insightful White Papers to gain valuable insights into selecting a private label partner. After perusing its contents, we assure you that you’ll be more confident than ever in choosing Aasani Telecom as the ideal option.

Case Studies

Experience real-world success stories in our case studies, illustrating how Aasani Telecom has enabled resellers, similar to yourself, to achieve remarkable success. Whether it’s substantially increasing commissions, establishing a significant monthly recurring revenue stream, or other notable achievements, our case studies substantiate our claim that Aasani Telecom stands out as the top choice for a white label VoIP partner.

Moreover, we view our partnership with white label VoIP resellers as an ongoing journey, not a one-and-done transaction. Once you join hands with Aasani Telecom, you become a long-term partner, enjoying perpetual access to our tools, support, and resources. In essence, we are in this venture together. Your success is our success, fostering a symbiotic relationship where the prosperity of your business translates to collective achievement.

About Aasani Telecom

Few entities in the white label VoIP sphere boast as much cumulative experience as Aasani Telecom. With decades entrenched in the telecommunications industry, we have navigated the terrain, witnessing its nuances and complexities. Our unwavering focus rests squarely on steering clear of pitfalls and prioritizing the success of our partners. In contrast to those who prioritize their own interests over partner resellers, often providing limited resources and meager revenues, Aasani Telecom stands as the antithesis. We center our attention solely on furnishing you with the necessary resources, cutting-edge technology, and the profit margins you rightfully deserve.

As a reseller, you are not just our first priority; you are our sole priority. Drawing from extensive experience on the reseller side, we comprehend the essential elements crucial to your success and deliver them consistently. Our partnership offer is meticulously crafted to not only meet but surpass every requirement essential for your triumph.

However, our commitment doesn’t stop there. Aasani Telecom is invested in ensuring the high success of our valued partners. We provide an extensive array of tools, resources, and unparalleled support to facilitate the seamless assimilation of new services into your existing business, enabling you to start generating profits promptly.