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Does your company need to take advantage of the cost saving and flexibility provided by a VoIP Phone system? Does your company need a single Hosted VoIP Phone system solution that provides SIP trunking? If so, you’re in luck, because at Aasani Telecom with our SmartSIP trunking solution delivered via your onsite VoIP phone system, or VOIP phone system based in the cloud. We can do just that for businesses wanting to make full use of their business VoIP phone system not only for communications within the enterprise, but also for PSTN access though a VoIP phone system service provider, Aasani Telecom has your solution reach out today and learn about our White Label VoIP solution or our award winning business phone service


An early innovator of cloud communications with our revolutionary VoIP business phone system. Aasani saw a new way to revolutionize business phone systems using the power of the cloud. They developed a virtual (also known as cloud or hosted voip phone system) solution, which has all of the benefits of traditional PBX—voice, fax, voicemail, extensions, conferencing, paging, intercom calling, etc.—without the expense and limitations of hardware-based systems. And with its latest innovation, SmartSIP Hosted, virtual PBX now offers critical advantages over legacy systems. Advanced features such as complete mobile integration, Business SMS, and online meetings with HD video and screen sharing allow businesses to compete in the new world of work.

Hosted VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP is an acronym that stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP Phone system calling calling was implemented to replace expensive long distance telephone calls. In the initial stages VOIP Phone system calling was only possible using computers very soon after many businesses began to utilize this revolutionary technology. Both computers had to be equipped with a microphone, speaker and specialized software. Early VOIP phone systems were easy to install, use but weren’t very reliable. The network infrastructure wasn’t fully developed, and as result calls frequently had ‘dropouts’. Aasani’s VoIP phone systems were able to defeat many of the issues experienced with earlier attempts to deliver SIP trunks.

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A White-Lable UCaaS Solution for Complete Business Scalability

Aasani Telecom empowers you to use a World-class White Label Communication infrastructure with our 100% complete turnkey private label solution.

Partnering Made Simple and Easy

Aligning your company with a Private Label Unified Communication provider significantly reduces your risk. Aasani Telecom has numerous years in the industry and an eye on the future, including investment. We empower your people to deliver your services on time and on point, a UCaaS provider you can rely on 100%.

Create a Potent, Recurring Revenue Stream using our Private Lable UCaaS

When you partner with Aasani Communications you partner with an organization that will help your business stand out from the growing crowd. Your clients will trust and appreciate the private label services engine you provide, covering their customers fully as they grow and go through the normal ups and downs. The unified communication system you deliver is backed by Aasani Telecom so that your valued clients never need to worry about the services they offer or question whether they will be delivered to theirs.

Best of all, your business will bring in a 65%+ gross profit margin from a recurring revenue stream, tops in the industry.

Your Business, Boxed and Ready

Finally, a Turnkey Back Office Portal that’s Empowers your Business to Manage Customer Services with Ease and Simplicity

Manage Your Clients' Services the Easy Way

You want your company to be self-sufficient, To do that, Aasani Telecom provides your business 100% access to our platform through our partner portal. The power portal empowers your people to manage your clients’ services with ease, for the self sufficiency you demand.

Our goal is to provide a platform you can depend on no matter the customer or service task at hand. One that’s fast, reliable, intuitive, and easy to use. Our back office portal was designed to make onboarding painless. That includes rapid deployment and, at the device level, an advanced failover feature. It also includes a potent CRM with a wide variety of valuable features and benefits. Our CRM provides everything your business needs, from the first proposal to billing after the sale is closed.

In short, Aasani Telecom’s partner portal provides the self sufficiency your business needs to grow, along with unlimited scalability and a variety of configuration options you can choose with the click of a button. Research shows that the majority of private-label reseller services are incredibly complex. They take months to master, even for your top people, draining your finances as they do. As for deployment, it’s difficult at best, adding to the stress, cost, and time it takes to be running on all cylinders.

  • Private, White-Label Branding that starts at the network level and goes all the way to your company logo.
  • A fast, Easy Sales Quoting Tool
  • Auto-provisioning of all your devices
  • A billing system that’s 100% fully-automated
  • Order numbers instantly
  • Complete employee onboarding and training program
  • Integration of all major Credit Cards
  • Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) controlled by your organization
  • Full API integration
  • Partner has full control over providing administrative permission to clients. This will allow clients to maintain and self-manage their services

 Become an Aasani Telecom White Label Partner and start enjoying 65% profit margins

Why Choose Aasani Telecom?

No matter the phone system your customers are using, they will receive valuable benefits from our advanced features.

Fully integrated suite of enterprise communication tools including voice, video, and messaging, streamlined and simple. Also includes a potent collaboration solutio

Rely on our secure B2B and medical industry communications

All the devices and handsets your organization needs

Telecom tax filings made easy

What about Profit Margins?

With White Label VoIP from Aasani Telecom, your customers are trusting you with their business, livelihood, and future. The way we see it, that entitles you to the lion’s share of the profits. We make that happen, empowering you to earn more while, at the same time, delivering a superior service to your clients and an excellent VoIP experience.

Keep Clients Long-Term

The only way to grow your business is to keep your customers and add new customers regularly. That’s called retention, and it makes a huge difference in the VoIP industry. Aasani Telecomm helps your business grow with a very high retention rate of over 90%. That’s one of the best in the industry and something we’re proud to offer you, your repeat customers, and your new customers.

Talk About Reliability

Your valued customers depend on you to keep them connected 24/7, 365. At Aasani Telecom, we do that with our geo-redundant data centers and an advanced failover system that automatically switches to a standby database, server, or network in the event of an emergency, outage, or natural disaster. We deliver these to you so that you can deliver always-on accessibility to your customers.

We’re Always Here for You

At Aasani Telecom, we believe that a while-label VoIP provider is only as good as the customer service they provide. For that reason, we offer our clients 24/7 support, 365 days a year. Even better, it’s all stateside so that you and your organization get the support you need from folks who speak your language and understand your needs fully.

Top Reasons VoIP Resellers Choose Aasani Telecom

Still on the fence? If so, here are the Top Reasons white label VoIP resellers like yourself have chosen Aasani Telecom over the competition.

We Provide the Resources your Business Needs

Just as we’re persuading you to use our white label VoIP reseller services, you’ll be doing to same to your clients once you’ve become our valued partner. To do that, Aasani Telecom offers a wide variety of resources you can use to persuade potential clients to become paying clients.

Blog Articles

Our library of blog articles runs the gamut of information about the VoIP industry, from security to web phone integration, Device as a Service (DaaS), developer APIs, and much more.

White Papers

Download one of our highly informative White Papers and see what goes into choosing a private label partner. Once you’ve read through it, we guarantee that you’ll be more convinced than ever that Aasani Telecom is the right choice.

Case Studies

Case studies are where the rubber meets the road, showing how Aasani Telecom helped resellers like yourself achieve phenomenal success. From increasing commissions substantially to creating a massive monthly recurring revenue stream and more, our case studies prove what we’ve been saying all along; Aasani Telecom is your best choice for a white label VoIP partner.

About Aasani Telecom

Few companies in the white label VoIP space have more years of combined experience than Aasani Telecom. After decades in the telecommunications industry, we’ve seen the good, bad and ugly, and we’re laser-focused 100% on avoiding the latter two. 

We’ve seen companies that focus more on their own needs and put their partner resellers second, with few resources and even fewer revenues. 

We’re 100% the opposite. Aasani Telecom focuses on nothing else but providing the resources you need, the technology your demand, and the profit margins you deserve. Not only are you, as a reseller, our first priority, but you’re also our only priority. After decades on the reseller side of the industry, we know what we would want as a reseller, and we provide that to you every day.

Suffice to say that the partnership offer we provide meets and exceeds all of the requirements needed to ensure your complete success. 

But thats only the beginning.

Aasani Telecom wants you, our valued partners, to be highly successful. We provide a plethora of tools, resources, and superior support to ensure you are. That allows you and your people to assimilate these new services into your existing business easily and empowers you to start making profits almost immediately. 

Lastly, we see our partnership with white label VoIP resellers as an ongoing evolution, never a one-and-done affair. Once you become an Aasani Telecom partner, you’re with us for the duration, with access to our tools, support, and resources ad infinitum. In short, we’re in this together. When your business succeeds, we all succeed.