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Secure, Managed WiFi

Delivering wireless access for employees and guests poses a unique challenge for businesses. Striking a balance between providing a secure network for employees and an easily accessible public WiFi network for guests is essential. Managed WiFi offers a solution that meets both requirements seamlessly. Businesses can enjoy the benefits of a private wireless network without the complexities and costs of setup and management. With the network fully managed by experts, businesses can ensure guests always have access to a reliable and secure WiFi connection. Managed WiFi emerges as the ideal solution for businesses seeking to cater to both private and public wireless access needs.

With Aasani Telecom, You Experience:


Tailored to accommodate businesses of all sizes, our WLAN services cater to single-location facilities and large multi-site organizations alike. Our scalable solution allows seamless expansion by adding more access points as your business evolves. Ideal for branch offices, stores, campuses, and expansive facilities, our WLAN services offer a high-quality and reliable solution that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Reach out to us today to explore more about our WLAN services and discover how we can contribute to the growth of your business.


Incorporating inherent security features, our system effectively segregates wireless users, devices, and applications. It safeguards your network against potential attacks and enforces specific policies tailored to each class and type of user.

Ease of Management

Rest assured, our team of experts is dedicated to managing every aspect of your project round the clock – from design and installation to ongoing support and maintenance.

Increase Your Competitive Edge

Aasani Telecom Managed WiFi offers a competitive advantage in several key ways. Our predictable subscription model ensures budget compliance, while we handle equipment, training, and technology upgrades, eliminating additional expenses. Automatic delivery of software updates to your access point saves time and effort. Moreover, our insight into customer behavior enhances your ability to serve customers effectively and foster loyalty. With these comprehensive benefits, it’s clear why Aasani Telecom Managed WiFi stands as the foremost provider of WiFi services.

Turn Customer Insights Into Loyalty

Utilizing managed WiFi offers your business the advantage of gaining valuable insights into customer behavior. By analyzing key metrics such as return visits and peak foot traffic times, you can discern factors influencing customer decisions and tailor your offerings accordingly. Furthermore, offering free WiFi to customers enhances loyalty and increases the likelihood of their return. A customizable “Welcome Page” allows you to promote your brand, special offers, and facilitate mobile payments, couponing, and indoor navigation. Targeted offers to mobile users further boost sales potential. Additionally, managed WiFi empowers employees to serve customers swiftly with WiFi-enabled devices, eliminating the need for waiting in checkout lines. With easily accessible summary reports in a Dashboard, you’ll possess the data necessary for informed decision-making about your business.

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