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Over the last few years, the move to white label VoIP has been fast and furious. VoIP has reached an amazing high in popularity, with the industry expected to reach revenues of nearly $196 billion by 2024.

This voracious increase in demand has resellers, ITSPs, and MSPs searching for more options to expand their company without spending a metric ton of money to do it. White Label VoIP meets and exceeds all of those criteria.

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An early innovator of global cloud white label telecommunications services, Aasani saw a new way to revolutionize business phone systems VoIP reseller prograam using the bringing more control to the reseller, better service and prices to the end user while allowing award winning VoIP reseller program Aasnai telecom provide the infrastructure and back end support for your white label hosted voip program.

Aasani Telecoms white label voip solution has been designed specifically with our client in mind allowing them to proift more than wtih the one size sits all white label providers are notoriously pushing today. Our Solutions are designed to fit each clients needs starting with our traditional premium parnter program which pays an industry pace setting commission rate, White Label VoIP Pro solution which gives our partners the ability to be the carrier on our shared hosted switching solution, and finally our White Label VoIP Enterprise which gives our clinets their own dedicated server this is specifically designed for organziations with a larger client base.

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What is White Label VoIP?

If you own a successful business providing technology services, more than likely, there’s one thing you’re always searching for; new income streams that compliment your business model and produce steady profits.

If that description fits your current business situation, adding white label VoIP to your technology services mix is a no-brainer. Indeed, it’s a natural addition that will fit in perfectly with the other technology services you and your staff provide. Read on to find out why selling white label VoIP services is right for your business.

What Does the Term “White Label VoIP” Mean?

If you’ve just been introduced to the term ‘white label,’ it signifies taking a 3rd-party developed product or service and putting your name and logo on the label. (Large, chain grocery stores like Kroger do this all the time with their ‘store brand,’ which is typically made by another, more prominent manufacturer.)

In the case of white label VoIP, the VoIP services in question have been fully developed and are ready to sell to your existing customers with your logo on the label. Your customers will think that they’re just another excellent service you provide, even though a 3rd-party provides the actual services.

What Benefits Come from Selling White Label VoIP Services?

Whether you already run a successful technology services company or you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur looking for excellent technology services to provide, selling white label VoIP services simply makes good business sense. That’s because it offers your business several real-world benefits, including:

You Become the Telecommunication Service Provider

As a white label VoIP provider, all of your existing and future customers will know your business as the VoIP service provider. Whatever VoIP platform you choose to sell, they will customize everything to your business, including logos, names, addresses, fonts, etc.

In other words, to your customers, your business is the provider of the excellent VoIP services they are receiving. Your company gets the recognition, and the rewards, for selling an excellent service. Nothing indicates anything else, which is why white label services and products are so popular.

You Sell an Established VoIP Service Platform

When you sell white-label VoIP services, you’re selling a platform that’s been fully developed, tested, and deployed. There’s no need to worry if the services will operate smoothly and efficiently because they’re already working for many other white-label VoIP providers.

Entering the White Label VoIP Arena is Immediate

One of the best reasons to sell white label VoIP services is your business can start selling them almost immediately. The services and platform have already been established, which means your company doesn’t have to spend years and thousands of dollars on development, R&D, and so forth.

Indeed, testing, verifying, training, and deploying white label VoIP services is much faster when you sell a fully-developed platform. Customizing everything to your business is quick and painless also. It also allows you to offer a valuable, in-demand service with a small fraction of the time and effort it would typically take.

Instead of months or even years, your tech services company can start making profits selling white label VoIP services in days.

Your Business Remains Autonomous

Many business owners worry about sharing customer records and databases when they provide 3rd-party services. With white label VoIP services, however, there’s never a question of autonomy.

For example, if your customers have a question or need help with their VoIP services, they will always talk to your company and people. There’s never a 3rd-party involved at any point. Customer support is always put in the capable hands of your staff.

As far as determining, for example, your price points, billing customers, or collecting payment for services rendered, those all remain under your complete control. Your company, with your letterhead, sends invoices, and all customer records remain entirely under your control. Yours will be their single point of contact for their VoIP services, end of story.

Final Thoughts

Here’s a fact; managed VoIP services are in great demand. This market segment is expected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% through 2025 as organizations look to minimize the cost of tech hardware, setup, and maintenance.

By offering white label VoIP services, you get a solid, tested, and market-ready service that’s 100% branded to your company, ready to deploy, and start producing more profits for your technology services business almost immediately.

What’s not to like?


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