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SmartSIP trunking Controller Enabling the SIP trunking Evolution Does your company need to take advantage of the cost saving and flexibility provided by SIP trunking? Does your company need a single solution that provides SIP trunking? If so, you’re in luck, because at Aasani Telecom with our SmartSIP trunking solution we do exactly that for businesses wanting to make full use of their VoIP network not only for communications within the enterprise, but also for PSTN access though a VoIP service provider, Aasani Telecom has your solution.

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Aasani’s carrier grade switch brings a new level of simplicity and functionality to the implementation of SIP trunking in the enterprise network. Our carrier grade switch provides connectivity to any VoIP service provider regardless of the IP-PBX or UC platforms in the enterprise network. If you want to keep your analog, or PRI capable PBX Aasani can deliver services as SIP, POTs, and PRI voice services. SAVE MONEY. BOOST PRODUCTIVITY. All businesses want to reduce spending. Aasani SmartSIP Trunking helps companies accomplish this by reducing the number of disparate platforms in the network. Fewer boxes mean lower capital expenses and staff training costs. Network administration is simpler, less time consuming, and more efficient. Administrators will spend less time managing overly complex routing tables or troubleshooting signaling issues between mix and match alternatives. Aasani Telecom SIP trunking Controller is software-based eliminating the need for costly SBC hardware solutions. KEEP THE BUSINESS GOING. BUSINESS CONTINUITY. If employees can’t be reached, business comes to a halt. Disasters or other events may bring the internal telephone network down at any time without warning. With Automatic Mobile Re-routing, the SmartSIP Trunks keeps staff connected via their mobile devices seamlessly. Clients can also utilize their existing PBX’s and realize the lower cost of SIP trunking so no need to purchase a new phone system as trunks can be used with legacy analog / PRI capable PBXs.

Connect multiple locations and mobile and remote workers

Unite geographically dispersed locations, in-office staff, and remote workers into a single, seamless communications system. Employees in India can text or fax their colleagues in Indiana. The team in the UK can have online meetings with their US counterparts. SmartSIP Hosted Office bridges the distance, enabling collaboration among teams situated halfway around the world.

A hosted PBX allows for complete integration of mobile devices. With the mobile app, smartphones and tablets integrate into and have all the functionality of the business phone system: voice, text, fax, conferencing, online meetings, and access to the corporate directory. Users make and receive calls and texts using their extensions or direct numbers, and they can use company-issued or personal mobile devices, which is ideal for BYOD initiatives.

Employees can make and receive calls using the main business number or their direct line, regardless of which device they use: a desk phone, a personal or corporate smartphone, their home telephone, or even a hotel phone (with the find me follow me feature).

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