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Reliability in the Network

Aasani Telecom stands at the forefront of telecommunications services, offering world-class solutions. By choosing Aasani as your provider, you can anticipate unparalleled reliability, optimal performance, and robust security features. Aasani’s IP network, known for its scalability and resilience, employs diverse technology types to ensure an advanced and dependable infrastructure. Whether you require a steadfast connection for your office or a swift, scalable solution for your expanding business, Aasani has you well-equipped. Delivering super-fast Internet access via fiber, Aasani Telecom ensures you stay seamlessly connected with customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees. Committed to excellence, Aasani Telecom, as a leading telecommunications services provider, prioritizes delivering the highest quality products and services to its clientele. With a cutting-edge infrastructure and a team of seasoned professionals, Aasani Telecom guarantees an unparalleled customer experience. Choose Aasani Telecom as your provider today and encounter the transformative difference!

Aasani Internet Access

At Aasani Telecom, we recognize the paramount importance of a dependable and high-speed Internet connection for businesses across various scales. Hence, we proudly present our 5 Gbps business broadband package tailored to meet your diverse needs. Whether catering to the requirements of numerous employees necessitating simultaneous Internet access or seeking a robust Wi-Fi solution for your clientele, our business broadband service is the ideal choice. With seamless Wi-Fi capabilities, effortlessly establish a network for your employees or customers. For those in search of a high-speed, trustworthy Internet solution for their business, our 5 Gbps business broadband package stands as the ultimate choice. Connect with us today to explore the comprehensive offerings of our business broadband solutions.

SD-WAN NOW: The ultimate tool to prioritize your network based on YOUR needs

Aasani Telecom introduces SD-WAN NOW, an advanced solution delivering the full spectrum of SD-WAN advantages to businesses of all sizes, all while offering substantial cost savings. Leveraging software-controlled, application-centric routing, this solution empowers businesses to enhance cost-efficiency, boost performance, and fortify reliability. Its scalability over virtually any access further ensures adaptability, catering to single or multiple global locations seamlessly. With SD-WAN NOW, businesses experience augmented bandwidth, reduced latency, and minimized jitter, streamlining network management. Reach out to us today to explore how SD-WAN NOW can elevate your business, providing a future-ready and efficient networking solution.

In the realm of networking technology, small and medium-sized businesses find an invaluable ally in SD-WAN NOW. This groundbreaking solution encompasses built-in benefits, including:

  • Application Recognition and Traffic Prioritization: In the contemporary business landscape, a robust and high-performing network is indispensable. SD-WAN NOW ensures seamless access to information and applications, employing Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for application layer analysis. DPI identifies and classifies various traffic types, enabling the prioritization of critical applications. By recognizing and prioritizing essential applications, DPI optimizes network performance, ensuring operational efficiency.

  • Predictable and Reliable Performance: Choosing a platform for latency-sensitive applications requires assessing both predictability and reliability. SD-WAN NOW provides real-time remediation mechanisms, essential for applications like VoIP, UCaaS, and VDI. This ensures low latency and high reliability, crucial for mission-critical applications.

  • Network Visibility: The Online Orchestrator furnishes near-real-time network visibility, offering performance metrics and health data. This information aids network administrators in troubleshooting and maintaining optimal network performance.

  • Highly Secure Networking: Security is paramount in safeguarding business data. SD-WAN NOW incorporates an enterprise-grade firewall, IPSec tunnels, and Distributed Multi-Path Optimization (DMPO) tunnels, ensuring a secure networking infrastructure. The centralized management platform facilitates firewall configuration, management, and activity monitoring, while encryption protocols protect data in transit.

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  • Dynamic Multi-path Optimization (DMPO): Organizations rely on various applications, demanding an optimal mix of WAN links. DMPO automatically steers applications to utilize the best WAN links in near real-time, based on business policies and link quality. This dynamic optimization ensures an optimal user experience amidst evolving network conditions.

  • Transport Agnostic: As businesses embrace remote work, a network connecting employees globally is essential. Transport-agnostic networking, utilized by SD-WAN NOW, offers flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to connect employees using any available connectivity option, including broadband, LTE, MPLS, and dedicated Internet connections.

Aasani Telecom’s SD-WAN NOW is a transformative solution, providing businesses with increased bandwidth, enhanced performance, and cost savings. Its ease of implementation and management makes it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Stay connected and future-ready with SD-WAN NOW, an indispensable tool for today’s business landscape. Contact Aasani Telecom today to explore how SD-WAN NOW can revolutionize your business networking experience.

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