Aasani Endpoint Detection & Response Service

Providing full visibility protection across your endpoint ecosystem.

In the contemporary business landscape, the importance of data security cannot be overstated. Managing an average of 135,000 endpoint devices, enterprises face a critical need for a reliable defense mechanism to safeguard their data. However, nearly half of these endpoint devices remain invisible to organizations, posing potential vulnerabilities. Aasani Telecom addresses this concern through its Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service, offering essential visibility to fortify data, compliance, and reputation protection. This service effectively shields against various threats, including ransomware and fileless malware, providing comprehensive insight into the entire ecosystem of endpoints. With Aasani Telecom’s Managed EDR service, businesses can trust in the security of their data, ensuring peace of mind. Contact us today to explore how we can contribute to safeguarding your business.

Aasani Telecom boasts a team of security experts recognized among the best globally. These professionals extend the expertise and resources of your internal team, constantly vigilant for potential threats. By actively monitoring the EDR solution and promptly addressing any issues, they enhance your company’s security posture and incident response plan. This collaborative approach allows businesses to concentrate on their core goals, reassured by the knowledge that their security is expertly managed. Aasani Telecom stands as the ideal partner for any business aiming to elevate its security posture and safeguard its data. Connect with us today to discover more about our comprehensive security solutions.

Industry-leading Security Technologies

Protection from advanced threats without compromising business efficiency is paramount in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

Threat and Vulnerability Management: A proactive risk assessment and vulnerability management strategy are integral components of an effective security program. Organizations must guard against memory exploits and other threats by regularly assessing risks and vulnerabilities. This comprehensive approach involves proactive responses to identified threats, ensuring that systems are resilient against potential attacks.

Attack Surface Reduction: In the realm of cybersecurity, the “attack surface” encompasses all potential vulnerability points in a system. Mitigating these points of vulnerability through performance monitoring significantly raises the bar for attackers. Timely identification and remediation of issues at scale contribute to reducing the attack surface, thereby minimizing the risk exposure and fortifying system safety.

Next-Gen Protection: At Aasani Telecom, we leverage cutting-edge technology to shield customers from sophisticated threats and malware. Our next-gen protection harnesses AI capabilities to identify, block, and combat evolving threats effectively. Continuous system enhancements and expanded coverage ensure our proactive stance against the ever-changing threat landscape, providing customers with the confidence that their online activities are secure.

Endpoint Protection and Response: This security solution aids in detecting and investigating advanced, persistent attacks. Automated blocking controls regulate script execution on endpoint devices, reducing the likelihood of malicious code execution. Offering visibility into endpoint device activities, the solution facilitates investigations and empowers organizations to take remedial action, enhancing overall security posture.

Auto Investigation and Remediation: An indispensable tool for contemporary businesses, Auto Investigation and Remediation automatically investigates and addresses complex threats within minutes. This automation streamlines the investigative process, allowing security professionals to focus on critical issues. Constantly updated with the latest threat intelligence, this tool provides businesses with up-to-date protection against evolving threats.

Centralized Config & Admin: Centralized configuration and administration empower organizations to take control of devices and applications, enhancing performance and security. By offering visibility into device and application performance, administrators can swiftly identify and address issues, reducing the likelihood of errors. In the fast-paced business environment, centralized configuration and administration provide a critical competitive advantage, improving efficiency across the organization.

A Fully Managed Endpoint Detection & Response Service

Maintaining visibility into endpoint activities is crucial for ensuring the safety of your organization, especially amidst the myriad types of daily cyber threats. Our Threat Detection capabilities play a pivotal role in this endeavor, adeptly identifying a broad spectrum of threats such as malware, ransomware, trojans, and exploit kits. Additionally, we vigilantly monitor file-based attacks, insider threats, suspicious user activity, and questionable application behavior. This proactive approach enables us to swiftly pinpoint endpoints requiring patching and assess the active user engagement with specific applications. By consistently monitoring these factors, we contribute to the overall security of your organization, providing the insights necessary to preemptively address potential risks.

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