How Is White Label VoIP Beneficial for Technology Service Resellers?

In the last few years, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as larger organizations, have been moving towards VoIP services for their communication needs. Indeed, global revenues for the VoIP industry are predicted to reach nearly $200 billion by 2025. This market has opened a new door of opportunity for several different types of business, including:


  • IT Service Providers (ITSP)
  • Managed Service Providers (MSP)
  • Technology Product and Service Resellers

Suppose you own or operate one of the three types of businesses above. In that case, you might wonder what type of opportunity white label VoIP services present and the benefits of selling them to your valuable customers. To help, we’ve put together this short information piece explaining the features and benefits of selling this emerging technology service.


Your Business Can Start Selling White Label VoIP Quickly

One of the top benefits of white label VoIP services for an ITSP, MSP, or reseller is that you can start selling white label VoIP services in days, not weeks or months. The reason being is simple; the services are ready to sell. The platform is established, R&D is finished, testing has been performed, and the entire package is ready to go.

Because you don’t have to develop, test, and then re-test a brand-new service, your business doesn’t need to invest that time and energy. Again, the service is already packaged and ready to sell, which means your company, and your staff, can focus on training and deploying the new service for your new and established customers.

In short, you can start selling a new service that’s tried, tested, and market-ready, creating an almost immediate new income stream for your business.

Your Business Will Save Thousands on Typical New Product Development Costs

Developing new technology products and services takes months, sometimes years. The cost outlay for development is, in many cases, quite high, including R&D, testing, research, and, of course, paying for all of the hours it takes your people to perform all of those activities.

When reselling white label VoIP services, though, all of those costs are eliminated entirely. There’s no need for R&D, for example, because you’re not developing a new product. The cost to pay employees for their time and effort? Gone. Testing and re-testing your new service? Completely unnecessary. In other words, your business can leverage a new, in-demand product that already has all the tools necessary to sell it directly to the public and do it very quickly.

Yes, there will be some time and cost involved in setting up the new service in your business and training your people to sell it. However, that time and cost is a mere fraction of what it would take if you were developing a new service from scratch.

Your Business will be Selling a High-Quality Service

With white label VoIP, you’re getting a pre-packed, tested, and ready-to-deploy technology service. These service packages have already been through rigorous R&D, testing, and verification. In other words, they are already proven, with a positive track record, and will be a welcome and valuable high-quality service for your clients, old and new.

White Label VoIP Services Are 100% Customized to Your Business

This is one of the top benefits of selling white label VoIP services; they appear to your clients as if they are your services. Indeed, the entire package is rebranded with your business’s name, logo, colors, fonts, etc.

You can market white label VoIP services under your existing brand umbrella, and all communication between you and your clients about the service will go through your business. Your clients will believe that the VoIP services you are offering are from your company, 100%, not from a 3rd-party provider.

Integrated Billing Makes Billing Easy and Convenient

One feature of white label VoIP that’s fantastic is that the packages come with integrated billing. That empowers your people to invoice, bill, and process credit, and all under your specific, fully customized brand. This centralized system enables your staff to manage client accounts and billing with ease.

You Retain Complete Control

This last benefit of selling white label VoIP services is likely the best; your business retains complete control over, well, everything. That includes:

  • Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Selling
  • Billing
  • Credit Processing
  • Customer Information and Data
  • Customer Support

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many excellent benefits to selling white label VoIP services. Thoroughly tested, packaged, and customized to your brand 100%, selling white label VoIP is a great way to create a new income stream for your technology services business (without spending years, and thousands of dollars, developing your own product).



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