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Consolidating Voice & Data Service Simplifies IT

SIP trunks offer an efficient and budget-friendly avenue to leverage the diverse features of cloud-based IP phones, enhancing the overall value of your existing telephony infrastructure. By seamlessly connecting your IP-enabled Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to the public telephone system through your existing broadband connection, SIP trunks eliminate the necessity for costly dedicated voice lines. This strategic integration of voice and data over a unified broadband connection not only simplifies your network but also results in considerable monthly savings on telecommunication expenses. Moreover, SIP trunks go beyond mere cost-effectiveness, providing businesses with superior call quality, heightened reliability, and a spectrum of advanced functionalities such as Caller ID, call forwarding, and voicemail.

For businesses aiming to optimize bandwidth usage and achieve financial efficiency, SIP trunks stand out as a pragmatic solution. Their ability to streamline communication processes, reduce expenses, and enhance overall telephony capabilities positions SIP trunks as a versatile and valuable asset for businesses of all sizes. As technology continues to evolve, the adoption of SIP trunks emerges as a forward-thinking approach to meet the dynamic communication needs of the modern business landscape. With SIP trunks, your organization can not only stay technologically competitive but also ensure a seamless and cost-efficient telecommunication experience.

With Aasani Telecom SIP Trunks Your Business Gains:

In the realm of VoIP systems, a crucial decision lies in determining the optimal quantity of SIP trunks to procure. Functioning as the virtual counterparts to traditional phone lines, SIP trunks facilitate the transmission of calls over the internet. The requisite number of SIP trunks hinges on your business’s peak concurrent call requirements. If your business necessitates only a few lines for sporadic calls, a modest number of SIP trunks may suffice. Conversely, for enterprises anticipating heightened call volumes, particularly during peak periods, the consideration of procuring additional SIP trunks or opting for a call bursting plan becomes imperative. Call bursting plans offer the advantage of temporarily surpassing standard call limits, providing the flexibility required to manage unforeseen surges in call volume. Thoughtfully evaluating your business’s calling needs ensures the acquisition of an appropriate SIP trunk quantity, aligning seamlessly with your operational requirements.

Voice traffic traverses a dedicated private cloud network where it takes precedence over data packets. This prioritization ensures that calls can be successfully completed even in the event of a network outage. The design of the private cloud network is specifically tailored to seamlessly handle real-time voice traffic, minimizing delays or interruptions. Notably, the inherent security of a private cloud network surpasses that of a public internet connection, offering an invaluable layer of protection for businesses handling sensitive information during calls. Consequently, businesses heavily reliant on voice traffic find that a private cloud network emerges as the optimal choice, ensuring the reliability, security, and uninterrupted flow of voice communications.

Transitioning from traditional analog landlines to VoIP can yield substantial cost savings for businesses, with potential reductions of up to 50% on phone bills. VoIP plans generally prove more economical than their landline counterparts, particularly for long-distance calls. Moreover, numerous VoIP providers extend the advantage of free in-network calling between offices, contributing to additional cost-effectiveness. The flexibility of VoIP plans allows businesses to tailor them to their specific requirements, accommodating factors like call volume and long-distance usage. Consequently, the affordability and customizable nature of VoIP plans contribute to their increasing popularity among businesses of various sizes.

6 Ways Aasani SIP Stands Out from Alternative SIP Solutions

Connection to Any End-Point

Aasani Telecom provides IP-based voice solutions that seamlessly integrate with any endpoint, offering a convenient and budget-friendly approach to modernizing your phone system. Aasani SIP facilitates the connection of your existing equipment and legacy technology, such as Key systems or on-premises PBX, presenting an affordable solution with a smooth upgrade path. With Aasani, retaining your current phone numbers, acquiring new local or toll-free numbers, and transferring your numbers to Aasani are all free of charge. The absence of long-term contracts or commitments, coupled with Aasani’s pay-as-you-go pricing, grants you the flexibility to scale your communication needs up or down as required. Leveraging the Internet for calling eliminates the need for additional phone lines or costly equipment installation. Contact us today to explore how Aasani can assist in modernizing your business communications.

IP Telephony that Matches Your Business Needs

Aasani’s SIP-enabled PBX presents an optimal solution for businesses managing a central office along with remote employees or branch offices. Aasani eliminates charges for interoffice calls, enabling significant savings on long-distance fees. The Unified Communications platform from Aasani consolidates all your voice needs into a single, unified solution. Scaling alongside your business growth is made easy with Aasani, allowing seamless addition of new users and features. For businesses with multiple locations, Aasani offers a hosted voice solution leveraging its top-tier network and infrastructure, ensuring reliable and high-quality voice services across all locations. Whether opting for Aasani’s SIP-enabled PBX or Unified Communications platform, businesses can achieve substantial savings on communication costs. Connect with Aasani today to explore more about our tailored solutions.

Call Bursting Capacity

In case you require more call capacity than your current subscription plan allows, fret not – we’ve got a solution for you. For a limited duration, we’re offering a promotional increased-capacity plan to help you navigate sudden spikes in call volume. Whether triggered by a special event, an unforeseen support issue, or even a natural disaster, this plan ensures you have the necessary call capacity to maintain seamless business operations. The flexibility of this plan allows you to return to your regular subscription once the situation normalizes. So, don’t hesitate – enroll today and enjoy the assurance that we have your needs covered.

The Right Fit

Aasani Telecom recognizes the individuality of each business, acknowledging their distinct telecommunication requirements. Our approach involves consultation to understand your company’s intricacies and specific usage patterns before proposing any solutions. This ensures that you pay only for the essential lines, services, and bandwidth tailored to your needs. Furthermore, our adaptable solutions allow for seamless scalability as your business expands. Whether you’re a burgeoning startup or a well-established corporation, Aasani Telecom is committed to providing the ideal telecommunication solution for your unique demands.

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Business Continuity

A reliable business phone system is integral to organizational efficiency, necessitating continuous operation. Traditional PBX systems are susceptible to outages and power failures. Hosted VoIP services present a robust solution, offering features like Auto Attendant, Voicemail, and Call Forwarding hosted in the cloud. This ensures that your phone system remains operational, even during power outages or disruptions. By choosing a hosted VoIP solution, you guarantee seamless communication with customers and employees, even in challenging circumstances. If you prioritize reliability in your phone system, a hosted VoIP solution is worth considering.

Multi-Factor Security

In the contemporary business landscape, combating fraud is of paramount importance. Aasani SIP takes a distinctive approach to safeguarding call initiation, demanding both SIP credentials and a designated IP address. This dual authentication method ensures that only authorized users can initiate calls, thwarting potential fraudsters from compromising your account. Additionally, securing your company registration to a specific IP address prevents unauthorized access from alternate locations. Consequently, Aasani SIP delivers an additional layer of protection, fortifying defenses against fraud and misuse.

SIP Trunk Calling Plans

All SIP Trunks include support for unlimited DIDs. Each SIP Trunk order includes a Business Telephone Number (BTN) for E911 service location, outbound caller name set up, and local directory listing set up.

Local + Long Distance

Tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking cost predictability, our Local + Long Distance plan offers unlimited inbound and outbound calling to the lower 48 and Canada at a fixed monthly rate. With additional features like business continuity, calling name service, and call bursting, this plan provides flexibility to meet diverse business needs. Ensuring coverage with a minimum purchase of 3 concurrent call sessions, it guarantees you receive the necessary support. Don’t delay; reach out to us today to discover more about this excellent business solution.


Designed for businesses with limited long-distance requirements, our per-call plan offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Priced per concurrent call session/line, it includes unlimited inbound and outbound local calling, along with on-net calling. The flat monthly rate is determined by the number of concurrent call sessions needed, providing a straightforward and transparent pricing structure. Opt for a bundle of outbound domestic LD or toll-free inbound minutes to further reduce per-minute rates. Choose from various add-on features, including business continuity, calling name service, and call bursting. With a minimum purchase of 3 concurrent call sessions, this plan ensures you get the support you need. Contact us today to enroll and streamline your communication costs!


Tailored for businesses with substantial call volumes and unique calling patterns, our business-grade VoIP service is ideal for call centers and similar operations. The plan offers a cost-effective pricing structure with a lower per concurrent call path rate. It encompasses essential features like business continuity, calling name service, and call bursting. All calls, whether inbound or outbound, are metered, providing transparency in usage. Opt for a bundled package of outbound domestic LD or toll-free inbound minutes to enjoy reduced per-minute rates. With a minimum purchase requirement of 3 concurrent call sessions, this plan ensures flexibility and efficiency for your communication needs.

Aasani SIP Trunking Also Supports Analog & PRI Trunking

A Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a telecommunications standard that utilizes a T1 line in the United States, comprising 23 voice channels and one data/control channel. This connection physically links a business’s PBX system to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). With the ability to support 23 concurrent calls, businesses can utilize these channels flexibly, reallocating them based on specific needs, such as video conferences. The incorporation of additional PRI lines allows for an expansion of simultaneous call capacity beyond the initial 23 channels, offering a scalable solution. This flexibility, combined with the typically lower cost compared to individual voice lines, makes PRI lines a cost-effective choice for businesses requiring multiple lines.

  • Lines and Trunks
    • At Aasani Telecom, we recognize the diverse telecom requirements of each business. To cater to these distinct needs, we provide a range of options for Analog business phone lines and trunking services. Whether your office is small and requires just a few lines or you operate a high-volume call center needing hundreds of trunks, we have a solution tailored to your budget. With our transparent billing approach, you only pay for the lines and trunks you utilize, ensuring you never overspend. As your business expands and call volumes increase, rest assured that our services can seamlessly scale to meet your evolving needs. Contact us today, and we’ll gladly craft a customized solution perfectly suited to your requirements.
  • Voice Gateway
    • The Voice Gateway serves as a vital component within Aasani Telecom, playing a pivotal role in enhancing voice quality. Leveraging a router/IAD, it improves communication by implementing Quality of Service (QoS), robust security features, and effective monitoring capabilities. This becomes imperative for businesses aiming to foster clear and effective communication with both customers and internal teams. The heightened voice quality facilitates seamless interaction, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and potential misunderstandings that could prove costly. Additionally, the integrated security measures safeguard conversations against unauthorized access, ensuring confidentiality. The monitoring feature enables businesses to assess the performance of the voice gateway and implement adjustments as needed. In summary, the Voice Gateway emerges as a critical element within Aasani Telecom, contributing significantly to the optimal voice quality necessary for business operations.
  • Customer Network 
    • In the era of increasing business adoption of VoIP, selecting a service that integrates seamlessly with your current equipment is crucial. Aasani Telecom’s Analog and PRI Trunking stands out as it is fully compatible with your existing phone system, facilitating a smooth transition to VoIP without the need for equipment replacement. Moreover, the virtual nature of our phone numbers allows you to retain your current phone number, adding a layer of convenience to the migration process. Additionally, our service optimally utilizes your existing IP data network, eliminating the necessity to invest in new infrastructure. Aasani Telecom provides the advantages of VoIP without the complexities and costs associated with upgrading your current equipment.

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