Aasani Analog POTS Line

Digital Transformation for Your Communications Infrastructure

The POTS Line to Digital Business Line Challenge

The escalating costs associated with copper phone lines supporting Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) pose an increasingly challenging burden for businesses. The substantial expenses involved in maintaining these outdated lines, which offer limited functionality in the contemporary business landscape, drive this upward trend. Aasani Telecom provides the essential solutions for businesses to maintain competitiveness in this evolving landscape. Offering modern, reliable, and cost-effective alternatives for phone service requirements, our innovative VoIP technology enables businesses to make calls through existing broadband connections, eliminating the need for costly copper phone lines. Moreover, our scalable services ensure easy expansion to accommodate your business’s growth. Reach out to us today to explore how we can contribute to keeping your business seamlessly connected.

Transform Your Communications

Digital Business Line

Tailored for small businesses, Aasani Telecom’s Digital Business Line solution ensures dependable and budget-friendly connectivity. The system offers flexibility with either single or redundant Internet connections, with the option to integrate wireless broadband for enhanced redundancy. Complying with NFPA 72 standards, the system incorporates a battery backup, delivering over 8 hours of alternate power in case of an outage. With a guaranteed pricing structure based on the chosen configuration, this future-proof system is engineered to provide long-lasting service for your business.

Hosted Voice

Aasani Telecom offers a robust hosted voice service, seamlessly supporting business operations. Compatible with fixed phones, mobile devices, and PCs, it includes features like visual voicemail, chat, video conferencing, and more. The service ensures continuity by retaining existing phone numbers, presenting a reliable and cost-effective solution for modern businesses.

POTS Line or VoIP?

Aasani Telecom Analog Line Replacement Solutions

Use Cases

Analog Endpoint Devices

Copper lines persist in numerous office and campus devices, serving point of sale (POS) terminals, fax machines, ATMs, vending machines, gate entry systems, and paging systems.

Analog Fire, Elevator, and Security Alarms

Traditionally, POTS (plain old telephone service) lines have served as a stable and reliable connection for legacy elevator, security, and fire alarm systems over decades. However, for new or upgraded communication systems adhering to current NFPA 72 standards, POTS lines are no longer considered the optimal choice. To meet the standards, next-generation communication systems necessitate a redundant power source with a minimum of 8 hours of power, achievable through either an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or a generator. While UPS systems may incur higher costs than generators, they offer advantages such as greater efficiency and lower maintenance expenses. Moreover, UPS systems provide a cleaner power source, crucial for sensitive electronic equipment. Consequently, UPS systems are generally the preferred option for emerging or upgraded communication systems.

Analog Employee and Reception Phones

In our progressively technology-dependent lives, the demand for steadfast connectivity is more critical than ever. To guarantee continuous operational phone lines, utilizing UPS’s back-up battery service is a prudent choice. Compliant with NFPA 72 standards, this service ensures reliable and resilient connectivity during power outages. For added redundancy, considering optional wireless broadband service becomes a strategic option. This service acts as an extra safeguard against outages, assuring uninterrupted connectivity for essential phone services.

Aasani Telecom Solutions

Digital Business Line

For those adhering to traditional landline telephones, the Analog Telephone Adapter offers an affordable and dependable solution.

Digital Business Line with Battery Back-up

In the contemporary landscape marked by increasing reliance on technology, the imperative of maintaining steadfast connectivity cannot be overstated. To fortify this essential requirement, one strategic approach involves harnessing the reliability of UPS’s back-up battery service, meticulously crafted to adhere to the stringent standards outlined by NFPA 72. This specialized service not only ensures but enhances resilient connectivity, proving particularly invaluable during unforeseen power outages. As an alternative avenue for heightened redundancy, the incorporation of optional wireless broadband service emerges as a judicious choice. This supplementary layer of protection acts as a safeguard against potential outages, providing an uninterrupted and continuous lifeline for vital phone services, thereby fortifying the backbone of communication infrastructure in the face of technological uncertainties.

Hosted Voice

Embrace a full-featured, cloud-based phone service delivered through an internet connection as a dependable and cost-effective alternative to traditional office phones. Utilizing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), this phone service routes calls over the internet instead of traditional landlines, offering a more efficient and budget-friendly communication solution. Setting up and managing cloud-based phone services is effortless, with scalability allowing seamless expansion as your business grows. Additionally, these services are versatile, enabling users to make and receive calls from anywhere using a PC or mobile device. For a reliable and cost-effective office phone solution, a cloud-based phone service stands as the optimal choice.